Sunday, October 21, 2007

Digital TV

Well, we finally got ourselves a set-top box so we are a digital household at last. Mr K-E finally cracked after years of dodgy reception and went down to Maplin on Saturday to get a digital receiver.

Now Mr K-E can drive me even more crazy.....flicking through dozens of channels before he decides that there is nothing on TV and wanders off.

Me (sitting with laptop in front of the TV): Stop that! It's making me nuts. Just watch one thing.
Mr K-E: Why do you care? You're blogging anyway.
Me: Just stop it OK. It's really distracting.
Mr K-E: Jeez, you sound just like my mother.



Jewelle Tan said...

My tip : get him to use a wireless headphone.

Hubby channel-surfs like mad too but because I can't hear a thing, I don't get disturbed.

Katie-Ella said...

I mentioned this to him, and he was most amused....:)