Thursday, September 13, 2007


Last night we booked our flights to Tokyo! Hooray! 10 days in November :)

We had a choice between British Airways and Virgin, which meant that Mr K-E had to do some quick research online. Apparently Virgin have better in-flight entertainment and the flight attendants are quite hot. Unfortunately they only serve Virgin brand drinks on board - Virgin Cola and even Virgin vodka. If you know Mr K-E, then you know that he hates any "non-branded" coke or drinks.

(One reviewer unkindly said that Virgin Cola tastes like cat pee)

I'm much happier with BA to tell the truth. I don't know if I can cope with Richard Branson's smug grin for 12 hours. And Virgin have a "fun" atmosphere onboard (so I've heard) aka TGIFs and all those tacky wacky places. No. No. No.

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