Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ghosts and Okonomiyaki

We practically spent the whole weekend in town shopping because Mr K-E needed some new jeans and shoes, and I needed some serious retail therapy. I had actually been looking forward to it all week while I sat at my desk slogging away.

Anyway, a hard day's shopping we had drinks and dinner in town. While wandering around town we saw these "ghosts" in Trafalgar Square.

We had a few drinks in a "traditional" pub near Leicester Square called the Salisbury. Mr K-E thought it was cosy and fun. There were Victorian panels behind the bar; Mr K-E thinks that they are original. I'm not so sure, but they look interesting anyway.

For dinner we tried out a new place called Abeno Too. We have walked past this place dozens of times and studied the menu on numerous occasions but have never gone in. Partly because it is next to one of Mr K-E's favourite restaurants i.e. Ed's Easy Diner.

The house speciality is okonomiyaki, which is a kind of Japanese omelette. The ingredients are freshly mixed in front of you and you watch drooling while a chef cooks it on a hot plate.

I also ordered some agedashi tofu to tide me over while the okonomiyaki was cooking.

It takes about 10 minutes to cook.

Then the omelette is covered with okonomi-yaki sauce (a sweet tangy brown sauce), Japanese mayonaise, bonito flakes (smoked tuna flakes) and seaweed sprinkles.

It tasted absolutely delicious. The bonito flakes are so thin that they curl in the heat and wave around in a disturbing fashion - it looks like your food is alive! We were compelled to make our first movie post.

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