Thursday, September 20, 2007


I really like the new office because there are only 30 of us in there instead of 100 on my old floor (and nearly 500 in the building).

There are also lots of good restaurants and lunch places nearby! Eeek, I am spending all my money buying lunch at Carluccio's ....and I don't care one little bit. There is also a cake shop nearby selling Austrian cakes....yum yum.

Unfortunately, as I am in a work whirlwind at the moment what this means is that I scurry out to shops to buy delicious food and eat it at my desk. Flicking crumbs off my chest and trying not to get too much icing sugar on important documents. No time for the gym either which means all that food has nowhere to go but on the waist, hahahaha!

Yes, I have to rein myself in soon. But for *licks lips*

And once I've fought my way through the deadlines, then I can really start my lunchtime adventures.

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