Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pide and Shakespeare

I met Mr KE on the Millenium Bridge (aka the wobbly bridge) before a quick pre-show dinner at Taz Pide.

Tas Pide is just round the corner from the Globe, but we have never noticed it before. We went to the show with a colleague of Mr K-E and her husband, who suggested having dinner there. Good suggestion, because we tried a new food - pide - Turkish bread with different toppings. I've been to other Tas restaurants before but this is a specialist "Pide" one. And we got complimentary starters, always a plus.

(Sorry no photos. We forgot the camera)

Love's Labour's Lost was good; Mr K-E and I were a bit worried because we read somewhere that it was one of Shakespeare's less accessible plays. But I enjoyed it. OK I didn't get all the wordplay and there were times when I couldn't understand what everyone was laughing about... but I got most of the dirty jokes ( I think).

The building itself is great, but I'd definitely advise a) wrap up warm b)rent the cushions.

(someone else's picture but Mr K-E insisted...)

And hey, I'm off to see Ricky Gervais tomorrow night. It's typical isn't it, the busiest time at work and suddenly I have all these events. *Happy sigh*

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