Monday, August 27, 2007


Very good. Action all the way with no boring bits. Autobots roll out!

We went to see this on Sunday night and really enjoyed it. My younger brother had some of the transformer toys the first time around and I remember the cartoon series.

I had read lots of nice things about this movie but I was still pleasantly surprised to find out that it was very good. Great effects, good use of of humour and likeable cast. OK, the storyline is not the best in the world but let's face it, you are watching a movie about robots who can turn into everyday vehicles and stereo systems. I think you have you suspend your disbelief in this case!

Mr K-E and I loved every minute of it.

Mr K-E's favourite bit : When the truck-sized robots are trying to "hide" in the garden. Also the high-speed transformation scenes.

My favourite bit : I like the yellow Camaro. He's the best transformer.

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