Friday, August 17, 2007

At the races.

On Wednesday we had a company outing to the races. We left the office at 2 o'clock and travelled to Sandown Racetrack for an afternoon's races. We had a private room and terrace so it felt really posh and exclusive. If only I could do this all the time, hahaha!

We had a delicious late lunch buffet - chicken pie, salmon roulade, roast beef, coronation chicken, roast beef, asparagus, new potatoes in hollandaise sauce......and more. Sorry, I didn't take any food pictures because I completely forgot in my hunger and excitement.

The company must be making lots of profit because there was a free bar all day and loads of food.

I had a lovely day out although I didn't win any money. There were 6 races, and I bet on each one as part of a little syndicate. The minimum bet was £2, and most of my colleagues were just having fun and betting £5 or so each race.

I only had one big bet, which was £10 on a horse called Dar-Es-Salam. It was the favourite and I thought it was fate! A horse named Dar-Es-Salam! Unfortunately it wasn't even placed! **Grrrr***

Here are some more pictures.

You can see the "public" grandstand. It was empty when I took these photos at around 3:30pm. The first race was at 5:30pm, and most people arrived around 5pm. So we had a good two hours of drinking before the races started ;)

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