Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday Night Date

Mr K-E and I have both been really busy with work all week, so we decided to have a date on Friday night to catch up.

We booked a table at our favourite Indian restaurant for 9pm and went out for drinks on Friday evening. It was really nice to chat and talk about our week - it's strange how, even when you live together, if you are really busy you hardly talk to each other.

We barely speak to each other in the morning as we are both in a daze and rushing to get out the door. Then in the evenings, we have been getting home at nine or later .... and you just want brain "shut-down" at that point.

So I really enjoyed our night out together : drinks, delicious food and spending time with someone you love.

(And to think we don't even have any kids. It must be hard when you are busy looking after a family as well)

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