Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dancing in the streets

Guess where we were on Monday. Carnival!

Oh, the crowds, the crowds!
2 million people were there and I was one of them!

These guys were quite cool. They had a great set, pity I don't really like ska.


blackdiamonds said...

Brings back fond but blurry memories :)

~MockingBird~ said...

I was there too!! The parade passes right by my place so I just sat outside my front door and waited :)Such a good day out, did you hit all the foodstalls after?


Katie-Ella said...

Hi Black Diamonds and Mockingbird; I had a great day out but after a while the crowds really got to me. We actually ate in good old Bayswater...I'm getting too old to eat standing up in the street :)