Sunday, August 12, 2007

Royal &*$%ing Mail.

Mr K-E asked me if I was losing interest in blogging. The answer is no, but what with all the stuff going on at work, I haven't really been up to anything interesting. Well, nothing that I'd want to broadcast on a public platform anyway :)

One thing that really hacked me off this weekend was my purchase from Someone recommended it, so I tried it out but was shocked to find charges of £13.95 before it could be delivered!! £5.75 VAT because it's been "imported" from outside the EU and £8 Royal Mail charges.

OK I can accept the 17.5% Value Added Tax because it is imported etc etc...but Royal Mail's £8 admin charge is just extortionate! Aarrrggghhhh. And the free lipstick they sent me was a disgusting shade, not the one I ordered.


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