Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rib Roast

I often see people buying beef "rib roasts" at our local butcher and I have always wanted to try them, but they are huge racks of 5 or 6 ribs. That's just too much for me and Mr K-E to eat, even in one week of leftovers, so I normally just buy a chicken or lamb chops.

Yesterday I was at the butchers and I thought - sod it, I'll just ask them to cut me one rib. The butchers did it, no problem, but one rib is still enormous.

Hahahaha, Mr K-E was a bit worried when he saw the size of it!

During the bad-old BSE (mad cow disease) days, beef sold on the bone was banned; now rib roasts, oxtails etc are back, yum yum.

We are lucky to have a really good local butcher; the shop is really popular and you usually have to queue for about half an hour on Saturday. This is considering there are 9 butchers serving customers as fast as they can. Anyway, while I was waiting patiently in line, there was a couple behind me and the bloke was moaning about the queue. He said, "Why is there such a queue? I've been waiting 15 minutes already, the meat is good but it's not that good ...etc ..."

I just thought, what an idiot. Why are you here then? If you don't think the meat is worth it, go to the supermarket down the road!

Rib roast with potatoes, parsnips, broccoli, gravy and a blob of horseradish sauce. Yum yum. The fat keeps the meat really juicy and tender while it cooks; and then you can trim it off once it has done its job.

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