Monday, June 30, 2008

Mr K-E's Cruise

A few days ago, Mr K-E and a few friends went cruising on the River Medway in Kent. One of his friends has a cabin cruiser which sleeps 4 people and they spent a nice afternoon cruising followed by an evening in the pub.

They had to negotiate a series of locks on the way. According to Mr K-E, it's quite hard work dealing with the locks because you have to open the paddles to let the water through the lock gate.

Then once the water levels have equalised, you push against the big timber arms to open the gates. You really need to put all your weight into opening the gates.

One person needs to stay on the boat to keep it steady because it's very turbulent in the lock when the water is pouring in.

This got more and more complicated as the afternoon went on and they drank more and more beer.....

Most of the way there are no roads nearby, so it was peaceful countryside. They didn't pass another boat all the way.

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