Monday, February 04, 2008

Job Titles - revisited

OK, I guess I should expand on my last post where I moaned about being referred to as a career woman. It's not the phrase "career woman" that bothers me. I guess I can explain better using real-life:

Real-life situation A:
Most of my colleagues are men. Some of them have kids; some don't. In general, most of us work long hours in a pressure-cooker environment. At work, people have mentioned (not in a bad way) that I am a "career woman".

Why? How about my colleagues? Are they "career men"? If they don't have kids, does that mean that they are selfish and over-ambitious? If they have kids, does that mean that they don't love their children because they work?

Real-life situation B:
Mr K-E and I work in similar fields. We both work hard and we have both progressed in our jobs. So how come if Mr K-E gets a promotion it's almost expected - but if I get a promotion, it's because I'm "driven" or "ambitious" or a "career woman".

So, are woman expected to be crap at their jobs? Or am I just being silly and over-sensitive?

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