Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Biting my tongue

Through the magic of Facebook I recently reconnected with a friend after 10 years. She had been one of my closer friends at boarding school so it was nice to be in touch again.

Anyway, looking through her photos, it's obvious that she's now a blazing lesbian. Please don't ask me how I know, or make snide-y comments like "what makes you think all lesbians look the same...etc etc." I just know OK, you'll just have to trust me on this one.

The thing is, I'm intrigued. We were good friends when we were in our teens. She had a serious boyfriend and while she wasn't a very girlie girl, she certainly wasn't any kind of tomboy. OK, we wore jeans all the time but we were 17! I never wore skirts in between the ages of 14 and 31, except at my wedding!

On her facebook photos she now looks and dresses like a young man. No exaggeration. I'm just burning with curiosity and I want to ask her lots of inappropriate questions like : When did this happen? Did she happen to meet this one girl and realise she had been a lesbian all along? Did she feel that way when we were younger???? Aaarrggghhh!

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