Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Breakfast

(Couldn't decide which photo to post - so I've posted both...)

When I was young, we always had ham sandwiches for breakfast on Christmas morning. We would normally get up late, after the excitement of Christmas Eve, Midnight Mass, opening presents, and wander downstairs in search of food.

By the time we got up, the kitchen would be in full swing preparing for lunch, guests etc. There would be a big ham in the kitchen, ready for us to cut thick slices of salty meat and make sandwiches.

Mr KE's mother does the same, so to me - christmas breakfast is not complete without proper ham! With just me and Mr KE around, I got some slices from our local deli and very nice they are too.

We ate in the kitchen because I couldn't be bothered to clear the dining table - lazy me.....

...of course, Christmas means a never ending supply of chocolate. We started straight after breakfast with these yummies. Special thanks to our chocolate supplier, you know who you are!

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