Friday, October 10, 2008

Neighbourhood Chinese

It's been a long and tiring week. On Friday evenings Mr KE usually has a few drinks with his friends before we meet up and have dinner in town. Then we have a wander around Leicester or Trafalgar Square before heading home to our nice comfy sofa.

Tonight I came straight home, so we decided to eat at our "local" Chinese restaurant. Friends and family know that I live opposite a Chinese restaurant - but we never actually go there. Once in a while we get a takeaway, but in general we eat Chinese food in Chinatown. In the 8 years that we have lived in this flat, we have only been in there 4 times (including tonight). I think the last time we ate in was more than 4 years ago.

The food is OK, but it's just a little too close for comfort. I've never been the friendly neighbour type of person, and I just find it embarassing when the staff recognise me. I don't do neighbourly chat, unfortunately.

Also, it doesn't feel like eating out when you can see your own front door.... and your own kitchen.

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