Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Apples in Norfolk

While we were in Norfolk, we went to an "Apple Fair" in the village. A neighbour of Mr KE's parents has a walled garden with more than 85 varieties of apple trees. He and his family organised the apple fair to raise money to repair their local church bell tower. Village fundraising!

Mr KE's parents were busy helping, while Mr KE and I tagged along.

The walled garden. You can see that all the walls and cottages are made of traditional Norfolk flint.

The organiser really knows his apples. All different varieties were available for people to compare. As for me, I only know 3 types of apples i.e. red, green and brownish :)

A medieval tent was set up and people could try fresh pressed apple juice. All the apples were from the trees in the garden; organic of course!

In the garden, there is an apple tree which was planted in 1887 in celebration of Queen Victoria's Jubilee. This 121 year old tree is still producing lots of fruit, although it looks like it's about to fall over any minute and has to be propped.

It wasn't just the apple trees that were on show. The garden had lots of beautiful features, like this statue above and the old well below. There was also topiary (hedges cut into animal shapes, chairs etc), formal planting and (of course) tea and cakes for sale.

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