Saturday, August 09, 2008

What a shame.

Accordingly to a press release from the BDNOC (Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council); the reason that no athletes were sent to represent Brunei was the refusal of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports to "endorse its approval for the athletes to participate".

The reasoning:

  • The swimmer had not attained the required achievement in regional and international competitions
  • The shot-putter was not fit to participate due to an ankle injury.

I can understand why the shot putter was not sent; but why not the swimmer? She could have at least taken part in the heats! And Brunei would have been represented.

All that talk about not being able to win any medals is a load of crap. If only countries that were sure to win medals participated then only about 100 countries would participate.

Frankly the amount of money that the various ministries spend sending their staff on shopping trips and holidays *sorry* "conferences and meetings" around the world, flying first class with allowances coming out of their ears, it can't be that Brunei couldn't afford to send a delegation to Beijing.

So what is it all about then? Is it that Brunei can't be represented by someone called Maria Grace Koh?

(Sorry if I sound so bitter. I'm just going to have to work on Monday and to put up with all my colleagues' lame jokes about this. Aarrrggghhh, why can't there be good news about Brunei in the media for a change!)


Jewelle Tan said...

I absolutely agree with you Katie Ella. Such a shame!

I got to know about our Brunei hopefuls from your earlier post first before I read it from the newspaper and was as surprised and disappointed as you.

kijang said...

Katie Ella -
I also wondered if the swimmer's ethnicity played a role in her exclusion by her own country. The "she's not good enough" excuse doesn't tread water, so to speak. To my mind, having a non-Malay woman wearing a bathing suit representing Brunei Darussalam would be progressive, but that's me.

Katie-Ella said...

*sigh* leaving all the politics's just a shame. Oh well, it's still fun watching everyone else.

princess said...

Take a look at this article.

So many questions are still left unanswered.

Hope you didn't have to take too much beating from all this.