Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm not proud to be a Bruneian today.

You know, I'm normally really proud to be a Bruneian. Because I've lived in the UK for many years now and because Mr K-E is English; most of my colleagues and people I meet assume that I'm British i.e. I hold a British passport and consider myself to be a British citizen.

I'm always proud to say - actually I'm a Brunei citizen. I don't have a British passport. I still consider Brunei my home etc...

(To the amazement of people from other countries who can't believe that I would not take a British passport, when I could easily get one. )


How could Brunei's Olympic Committee miss the deadline to register our athletes? How? How? What do these people do? There's a whole committee to look after two athletes! Everyone was there....even Iraq and Afghanistan...even the poorest countries in the world were there....

I'm so depressed.

From the BBC website:

Brunei excluded from 2008 Games

The International Olympic Committee has excluded Brunei from the Beijing Games after the South East Asian country failed to register any of its athletes.

Brunei had until midnight ahead of Friday's ceremony, which started at 1245 BST, but missed the deadline.

"It is a great shame and very sad for the athletes who lose out," an IOC spokeswoman said.

Brunei's absence means that only 204 countries will compete at the Olympics, which officially started on Friday.

The IOC's Emmanuelle Moreau said in a statement: "The IOC tried up until the last minute to have them register, but to no avail."

The Brunei athletes involved are 15-year-old swimmer Maria Grace Koh and shot putter Mohammed Yazid Yatimi Yusof.


Laibeus Lord said...

It's sad, very sad. They really have some explaining to do T_T


And BBC's writer got it wrong. It's "Nations" NOT "countries". We have less than 200 countries in the world, but have more than 200 Nations.

prince Nai Iyyahadine said...

Are you really surprised,given that brunei is run by a false sultan and the true sultan is a political prisoner of the english and lives in squalor in slough, Berkshire. Worse still, living on social security, whilst Bolkia and his cronies, live in the lap of luxury.

prince Nai Iyyahadine said...

To all true bruneians everywhere, your king sends you his love and best wishes this day.I also promise you, that the yoke of tyranny will be lifted from Brunei soon.Prince Nai

prince Nai Iyyahadine said...

his royal highness can be contacted on 07867/995361 between 4 and 7pm on weekdays and all day at weekends