Sunday, August 31, 2008

Selfridges, Birmingham

Mr K-E was in Birmingham earlier this week because of work and he had a look around Selfridges while he was there.

It's strange to see a building with no windows; but it makes perfect sense because it's a retail building. Retailers don't want any natural light.

The facade is unusual; normally architects try to break up the facade into sections that give the impression of windows, even if they are fake windows. Maybe impart a sense of scale to the structure. (I'm not an architect myself, so I'm only guessing) For example, if it wasn't for the two people at bottom of the photo, it wouldn't be easy to gauge the size of the building.

Detail of the facade.

The interior continues the "rounded" theme.

I think this looks organic. Mr K-E thinks it looks rude.


charmed said...

I'm inclined to agree with the Mister. It definitely looks rude to me *picks mind out of the gutter*

Katie-Ella said...

Hi, nice of you to drop by. Your son looks gorgeous, by the way. Hope all is well with your little family. KE