Saturday, March 01, 2008


Mr K-E is away *sigh* for 10 days with his snowboarding buddies, first in Switzerland then Austria. He did mention something about cleaning or housework before he left, but do you think I'll be doing any housework while he's playing in the snow and drinking all night with his pals? As if!

The sofa is already covered by evidence of my naturally slovenly behavior - magazines, trashy novels, half eaten packs of chocolate biscuits and empty crisp packets. At this rate when Mr K-E gets back he'll have to fight this way through a forest of empty Pringle cannisters and takeaway boxes. Ho ho.

When Mr K-E is away or busy, what do I like to do? Visit museums and art galleries! That's something that i really enjoy and don't do enough of i.e. wander around galleries on my own. Today I am heading on down to the National Gallery. I may even get an audio guide.

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