Friday, February 20, 2009

Week One

It's Friday night and the Pip is in his crib, hopefully settled for a few hours (fingers crossed). Hooray, I've survived a week on my own and everything was OK. It's still very early days but I'm a lot more relaxed and feeling really optimistic about everything.

At the moment, I am trying to implement Gina Ford's routines. She's quite controversial because she puts babies (and mothers!) into strict routines from the day one. Some people think that it's a bit too extreme - and some mothers believe that it's cruel to put a baby only weeks old into a routine i.e. that feeding/sleeping etc should be completely flexible in the first few months. Having said that, if a baby is hungry - of course you have to feed him/her...the routine is just to set some structure into your life.

I'm still feeling some self-doubt though - am I being a good mother? Or a bad one? Oh well, if the Pip has issues when he is a teenager, he can always blame Gina Ford.


Jewelle Tan said...

Katie, I don't know who Gina Ford is and her methods (yet) But I am a believer in routines.

I'm sure you'll be fine - you survive week one with no help, that's no easy feat. Of course, Junior must be a very good boy who listens to his mama :-)

p/s As long as we try to be, we are all good mothers :-p

Katie-Ella said...

Thanks Jewelle. "Junior" does drive me crazy sometimes, but he is still my little angel.