Monday, July 14, 2008

When K-E went to lunch

Mr K-E and some of his colleagues were taken out to lunch by his Boss last week. They went to Latium, a modern Italian restaurant in Soho.

He thought it was a really nice meal so (like a good blogger's husband) he took some photos of the food - much to the bemusement of his colleagues.

His starter: Buffalo mozzarella with grilled courgettes and oven dried tomato. ( Mr K-E says : the mozzarella looks like hard boiled egg in the picture, but it was delicious)

Main: Sea Bass on Mediterranean vegetables with white wine sauce.

He managed to get shots of other people's food too. He didn't take any photos of his pudding because everyone was smashed by then. They didn't leave the restaurant till 4, and it was straight to the pub. It's all right for some, isn't it?


48 said...

That's very nice of your husband to take pictures of food for you :)

Katie-Ella said...

I think he just wanted to make me jealous!