Friday, July 11, 2008

Fat Pig

Last Friday Mr K-E and I went to see a play called Fat Pig at Trafalgar Studios on Whitehall. The male leads were Kris Marshall (from the sitcom My Family and the BT adverts) and Robert Webb (from Peepshow).

The plot is: A man meets a girl who is funny, pretty, clever and great fun to be with - just one problem, she is really, really fat. They date and fall in love, but he keeps it a secret from work colleagues because he is embarassed by his fat girlfriend. When his colleagues find out, they are horrified and waste no time making fun of him. The reaction of his blonde, sexy ex-girlfriend, who can't believe that he would choose a fat girl over, was especially entertaining.

In a Hollywood movie there would be a happy ending but as this is the theatre, the ending is a bit more realistic albeit painful to watch.

It was meant to be a comedy (and Mr K-E laughed his head off at some parts) but I found it a bit hit or miss. I guess because I've watched a lot of the two actors on TV and it seemed that they were just playing their TV roles.

Plus: The theatre is very small which gives it a very intimate feel. We were sitting right at the front and I was worried that they would trip over my handbag, they were that close. At some points, I could have reached up from my seat and touched the actors (without getting up). So it was easy to get drawn into their "private" conversations.

Minus: The play is set in America and the actors tried to maintain American accents through out.. I say "tried" because they didn't succeed, which spoilt it slightly for me.

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