Thursday, November 30, 2006


Mr K-E is home drunk from champagne. But he says that drunkenness caused by champagne doesn't count. He's been to a posh do at Lincoln's Inn in the Great Hall. Lincoln's Inn is one of the four Inns of Court in London, which is where all the barristers hang out once they have been called to the bar.

He has had a nice evening drinking champagne and eating silly miniature food for example, tiny fish and chips and toy toad-in the-hole. For anyone not English, "toad-in-the-hole" is not a disgusting amphibian delicacy but sausage cooked in yorkshire pudding. It is a true "British" dish i.e. a bit bland but generally inoffensive. Also the "pudding" is misleading is because yorkshire pudding is not a pudding at all but a sort of savoury batter.

Here's a picture of a full size toad-in-the-hole

(Mr K-E says it looks more like turd-in-the-hole. No more champagne for you, Sir.)

Then after his do, he went the Bierodrome for more drinks before coming home to me. For supper, burger and chips from the local all-night takeaway. Ah, what class!

He is now rambling on to me about the plight of the Turkish bloke who works in the takeaway, who has to work from 3pm until 5am! Surely that's not legal?? Anyway, I had better get him (Mr K-E, not the Turkish bloke) to bed because he is rambling on and on in the way that drunk men do - which is funny, but we both have work in the morning. Good night.

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