Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Too lazy for housework

I ate something bad yesterday - so I was ill this morning. I had bad stomach cramps all night and it wasn't any better in the morning, so I rang work and told them I wasn't coming in.

Anyway, by 2 o'clock I was feeling better and a horrible feeling of guilt came over me, so I thought I should at least do something. Yep. Housework.

someone once said - oh there's nothing worse than a dirty house. Yes there is - cleaning!

I suppose you could say I'm spoilt, but most people in Brunei have some kind of domestic help and my family are pretty typical. We had a succession of live-in Filipino "amahs" (maids) to do all the household chores, cooking, ironing etc. It is still one of things that I miss most about Brunei.

But now that I live in England - there's no way that I afford a maid. Ok, I could get a cleaner for a few hours a week but to tell the truth I'd have to tidy the place before they turned up. So when people ask "who does the housework in your relationship?", I tell them the truth -No one. We don't exactly live in filth but there's always a mad scramble to clean before friends or family come round.

This afternoon I thought right I'm going to try out the new Dyson vacuum cleaner. Our old one died a few weeks ago (All household appliances die after 5 years. It's the law). Mr K-E took it apart, and said that he would buy a new motor for it. I had two problems with this

a) it's a lot easier to take something apart than to put it all back together again
b) I could never use it without being afraid that it was going to blow up

Anyway we bought the new Dyson ( a DC-14 if you are interested) from Currys despite my pleading to get it from John Lewis which is a proper shop, and not Currys which is a farce.

As the model was £50 cheaper in Currys, I had to give in. So we reserved the model on-line and drove to the Currys in Brixton to pick it up. Sounds simple right? Hahaha you fools!! We had to queue for half an hour in the "reserve" queue - all that time we could see that they had put aside the wrong model anyway. Then after we sorted this out and paid, the "warehouse assistant" had to and get the correct model. He spent half-an-hour trying to find it, going between the stockroom and the shelves although we could clearly see the correct vacuum cleaner on the shelf. Look it's this one. Maybe he thought we were trying to pull a fast one and get a more expensive model. Well it's cheap entertainment I suppose.

When I tried it out this afternoon it was so loud...especially when I used the thingie for getting into corners (Mr K-E says its called a wand). I did the hallway, the stairs and our bedroom. Then I changed the sheets. Then I gave up and watched Ready, Steady, Cook. That's enough housework for today.

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