Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Night

It's Sunday night and still no action. There's no rush; I'm just enjoying these last few days of living according to my own schedule. Which mainly consists of napping, watching daytime TV and wandering down to the local shops. I think I've watched more Poirot in the last week than I have in my whole life.

Mr KE seems to be in a last-minute panic. He is wandering around the flat, tidying up and throwing things away. Four full bin bags in the last two hours! He is one of the worst hoarders ever, from a family of great hoarders, so for him to throw stuff away is a very big deal indeed.

On the other hand, I am displaying zen-like calmness. Repeat after me : Everything is going to be alright.


Foodie Tales said...

Mr KE seems to be displaying the classic signs of nesting! :-) E

Jewelle Tan said...

Been wanting to leave a comment here since this morning - until you beat me to it!

Anyway, it will be alright and am looking forward to your announcement soon!

And I agree with Foodie Tales - your husband is definitely showing some nesting instinct :-D

Katie-Ella said...

More like a last minute panic! :)