Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thames Festival : Saturday

Last weekend the Thames Festival was on.

Mr KE spent both Saturday and Sunday at the South Bank. We started off on Saturday with a visit to Borough Market.

We had lunch at this place near Southwark Cathedral.

Look at the big dish of paella (spanish seafood rice).

I had paella and Mr KE had a burger.

We walked past the Golden Hind.

There was lots going on; shows, food and special events.

As part of the festival there was boat race on the Thames and we watched the boats from the South Bank.

It was really interesting with all sorts of boats racing; dragon boats, big boats and little row boats.

The bridges along the Thames were packed with spectators. This is Blackfriars Bridge. If you click on the picture, you'll see the crowds and a London Bus going past.

There was lots of free entertainment, like this martial arts show sponsored by the Korean Tourist Board.

This show is called Jump, and it has travelled around the world. Hooray, we saw it for free and it was very funny.

Food stalls were everywhere. There was literally food from every corner of the world.

This was a French/Creole/New Orleans type stall. We were impressed by the giant pots.

We saw this guy on the outside of the Tate Modern.

Specially commissioned graffiti. I hope you can appreciate the scale, because he is huge.

These guys were there too.

This is a close up on the "brain" from the photo above.

The detail on the graffiti is incredible.

By the time we got to Waterloo, it was dark.

We watched some free-running (parkour). It was not bad, lots of youth groups trained by the guys who did the stunts in Casino Royale.

As night fell and the tide went out, there was a big party on the shore of the Thames.

I'm sure you will agree, it was lovely day out.

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