Friday, November 16, 2007

Home Again

Hey, we're back from Japan. It was fun but I am completely knackered now from the 12 hour plane ride plus 2 hours in a taxi in Friday night London traffic.

I need to sort out the photos before I can post them here. As there is nothing on earth more tedious than looking through someone else's holiday photos; I will probably post them in chunks over the next few weeks.

  1. Japan is not expensive compared to London. But as London is astronomically expensive, that's not a very useful comparison. Eg London tube ticket Zone 1 = £4 , Tokyo Metro ticket = about £1. Japanese lunch for two in a cheap and cheerful Tokyo cafe = £12....probably the same in London.
  2. I know it's a cliche but Japanese people are really really polite and the service in shops is excellent. The sales assistants/waiters go out of their way to help you and Mr K-E basically survived using sign language.
  3. Things work in Japan. Trains, toilets, ticket machines....all fantastic.
  4. Japanese society is not as bizarre as depicted on UK TV. Mr K-E trawled through the channels in our hotel TV to find those crazy gameshows that are always shown on UK TV. Despite his efforts, he couldn't find a single naked obstacle course race or cockroach eating competition.
  5. Sumo wrestling can be exciting.

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